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Project Description

In 2000, together with the three other talented musicians, Skipper formed an Afro traditional group Khumbula with Skipper as lead guitarist, lead vocalist and band leader. Khumbula burst onto the South African music scene with their debut album Bayakhuluma and immediately established themselves as major players on the local airwaves. To prove they were no one-album-wonder, they followed this up a year later with their powerful second albulm Kheta (Choose).
The multi-talented musician’s popular Afro-beat style is a unique combination of traditional Maskanda guitar rhythms in conjunction with astounding vocal interplay, all with an exotic, delicate North African ingredient. The music shows deep respect to the traditions that Skipper grew up with, while their vocal arrangements and other eclectic touches keep the music fresh and relevant to the new generation of fans of contemporary local music.

Now, Skipper’s releases his very first long awaited solo album, Bekezela (Persevere). He explains, “The fusion of different music elements with my Zulu traditional way of singing resulting in a fresh sound. Each song brings its own meaning to the album.”
Nominated for the Best Zulu Adult Contemporary Album at the SAMAs 2011, this album combines top-notch song writing melded with a unique but smooth and highly listenable style of African music. Anyone into contemporary music, traditional fusion/jazz, Afro – fusion and of course Maskandi music will just have to add this sublime album to their collection.


released 13 March 2013

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